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Every year, approximately 316 Guam residents are diagnosed with cancer.  Statistics have shown that they’ve been diagnosed at the later stages of cancer and that cancer accounts for nearly 1 in every 5 deaths.  That’s one person dying from cancer every 2 to 3 days here in our island*.

It is time for Guam Cancer Care and our local community to “JOIN THE FIGHT” against cancer and promote a proactive approach to health.

It is time to affect the mortality and morbidity rate for cancer while living a healthier Guam.

It is time to start a movement and coalition on Guam, to put the Fight against Cancer on the island’s agenda.

It is time to “JOIN THE FIGHT”.

As a “JOIN THE FIGHT” supporter and advocate, your organization pledges to:

  • Promote, encourage, and allow your employees to get screened for cancer in line with approved cancer screening guidelines.
  • Disseminate information to your employees, customers, and members in reference to cancer, screening and early detection programs.
  • Encourage your employees to eat healthy and exercise regularly to promote a healthier work and family environment.
  • Encourage participation to be proactive in the fight against cancer and to promote the 8 steps on how to “JOIN THE FIGHT” campaign.

We take pride in serving our people and now seek the support of our island community to “JOIN THE FIGHT” against cancer here on Guam. Sign up and take the pledge today!

Join the Fight Pledge SAMPLE

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Guam Cancer Care will contact the company representative to coordinate the "JOIN THE FIGHT" pledge signing, company mini-health fair and promotion of the "JOIN THE FIGHT" efforts at your establishment. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Application FORM (for fax submittal) 

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