A Loved One Has Cancer

How can Guam Cancer Care help me?

We know that cancer is a family experience, and you all need help during this time. We give you the resources you need to care for your loved one, including counseling, support groups, education workshops, publications and financial assistance. We also help you take care of yourself.


How can Guam Cancer Care help my loved one with cancer?

We have a range of services for your loved one with cancer – including professional counseling, educational programs and practical help – all offered for free by professional oncology social workers.


We’re having trouble paying our bills. Can Guam Cancer Care help?

We know that cancer is an expensive illness and financial difficulties are not easily solved. Guam Cancer Care can give you valuable information about helpful resources, in addition to providing direct financial assistance for people who qualify.


Where can I learn about my loved one’s diagnosis?

Guam Cancer Care offers a range of free educational programs that provide you with reliable information from leading cancer experts.

Does Guam Cancer Care have caregiver support groups?

Yes. Guam Cancer Care offers online, telephone and face-to-face support groups for caregivers and loved ones. These groups are led by oncology social workers and provide a safe space for people to share their concerns, fears and triumphs.


Can I use your services if I do not live near a Guam Cancer Care office?

Yes. All of our services, including support groups, are offered online and on the telephone. Also, if you are looking for a specific service in your area, we can often help you find an organization closer to home.


Unfortunately I have lost my loved one to cancer. Can you do anything to help me?

Yes. Guam Cancer Care provides individual bereavement counseling and grief support groups, as well as informational materials and practical help.


How can Guam Cancer Care provide all these services for free?

Guam Cancer Care is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and is able to provide free services because of the generosity of many committed donors.



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