Guam Cancer Care can help newly diagnosed cancer patients determine necessary procedures that fall under their current medical insurance coverage and the type of public assistance they may receive.

We will then use these resources to coordinate with insurance carriers and specialists to schedule the patients for their cancer treatment. Services provided to patients, newly and previously diagnosed, are identifying a medical/radiation oncologist, eliminating barriers to care, i.e insurance, financial, transportation, physical communication or treatment compliance issues. Our navigations also assist in identifying local or national resources that cancer patients on Guam are eligible for in the form of financial assistance, and pharmaceutical assistance programs. Guam Cancer Care navigators will personally assist these patients from start to finish.

Patient Services

An additional service through our navigation program; Patient Services was created to fulfill the needs of our cancer patients by providing medical supplies in the form of DME’s, incontinent supplies, nutritional and vitamin supplements.



For more information on this program, contact our office at 671-969-2223