Kids for the cure Program

The Kids for the Cure program, is a cancer education and outreach effort for grades, 3rd-5th. The mission of the program is to promote healthy communities and instill positive lifestyle choices to participants that can help reduce their risk of cancer and other life threatening diseases. It is comprised of both an in-class cancer curriculum and a physical activity segment. Over 5,100 students have participated in the program.


IFIT ECHO is also a cancer education program for High school students which expands their knowledge about cancer, gain an understanding of its impact in both our local and national communities and, most importantly, learn about cancer prevention. Since it launched in 2015, over 1,700 high school students have participated in program.


The HPV Vaccination and school-based Immunization Program

The HPV Vaccination and school-based Immunization Program is in collaboration and coordination with GDOE School Health Counselors and DPHSS Immunization Program. Together we provide Guam public schools with the opportunity to prevent up to 6 different types of cancer by vaccinating with the HPV vaccine. We encourage all parents to do their due diligence in researching before making an informed decision to vaccinate their child with the HPV vaccine. This program has been launched since January 2018. 


For more information on this program, contact our office at 671-969-2223