Welcome to the Guam Cancer Care Community Forum!!

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Welcome to the Guam Cancer Care Community Forum!!

I want to welcome you all the NEW Guam Cancer Care Community Forum. We believe that "information" is power and although many newly diagnosed cancer patients are starting their journey in their Fight Against Cancer, there are many of your fellow Guam brothers and sisters who have already gone through this journey before you. This FORUM is geared at sharing the knowledge, information, and ultimately the "power" between cancer patients, caregivers, and medical and support personnel within the cancer community to help you gain information and knowledge in the varying aspects you will go through.

This forum is geared to bringing this information to the forefront and for people in the cancer community to share their experiences, knowledge, and information amongst their fellow cancer patients and members of the cancer community to "ease" our way through the cancer continuum care.

Thank you in ADVANCE for being a part of the Guam Cancer Care's community forum.